Lunches in the Centre


Annual Holiday

Newspapers / Library

Personal Care – Shower / Bath / Hairdressing

Bingo, Cards, Go for Life activities

Assistance with prescriptions / shopping

Meals on Wheels


Exercises to music

Befriending Service



The busy centre could not survive now without volunteers.  A number of volunteers assist with the annual holiday and some fundraising events. Volunteers are welcome at all times to assist in any way they wish.


Parker Bath

We have a bath which is specially adapted for the disabled and is electrically controlled. This, along with the hoist enables wheelchair bound clients to enjoy a bath.



Some clients bring in their own laundry but we also have a Vanette which picks up & drops off laundry to clients at home, mainly meals on wheels recipients.  Laundry is normally collected on Monday and returned washed and ironed by Friday.


Day Room

We have a T.V, radio & C.D player.  Newspapers are provided weekly and daily.  In the afternoons, we provide gentle exercises to music, card playing and weekly bingo sessions.  As we have a small dance floor, we hold dances every Wednesday afternoon.  Off the day room, we have a small library where clients can sit and chat, read or snooze after lunch.  Books are free to take home.  We also have small knitting sessions.


Lunches, Dining and Meals on Wheels

We have seating for 52 clients and recently we fill all seats.  Meals on Wheels are delivered to clients at home by 4 vehicles and approximately 40 meals are delivered daily (Monday – Friday).  In the centre, clients enjoy a 4 course home cooked lunch.  All dietary needs are catered for if at all possible.



Our good-as-new shop, as well as being a source of income for the centre, is also a service for our clients and provides social interaction too.  Local people drop in bags of clothes which are sorted by community employment staff and displayed on rails in the shop.



We have a total of 5 vehicles, i.e. 3 mini-buses and 2 Vanettes.  The average daily mileage of each of our mini-buses is 100 kilometres – transporting the elderly to and from the centre.  The areas we collect from are Ardattin, Clonegal, Kildavin, Kilbride, Ballon, Rathoe, Ballyconnell, Coolkenno, Rathvilly and Tullow town.  Two of our buses are adapted with a special hydraulic lift for wheelchairs.  We also have a Vanette that can take a wheelchair and also carry 4 other passengers.  The elderly benefit greatly from this service as loneliness is a major problem especially for the retired and those living alone.  Transport is essential, particularly when relatives work or live elsewhere.  Clients are not charged for this service.  It is free to all.


Befriending Service

On the 5th March 2014, Tullow Day Care Centre officially launched its Befriending Service.  This service is a two-fold service in that clients are phoned in their own home for a friendly chat and a service is offered whereby clients can be visited in their own home by a befriender. 

Our phone call service operates every Tuesday and Thursday evening between the hours of 5pm to 8.30pm.  Our befrienders phone each individual client for a chat and to see how they are doing.  This has been very successful and the feedback is very positive.

Clients may also be visited at home by befrienders who make contact beforehand to set up a day and time suitable for both. 

This is a completely free service.  All personal details submitted are completely confidential. Anyone interested in availing of the service please contact Martina or Fiona on (059) 9181410.



When the Centre was rebuilt and extended in 2002 a mortgage was obtained from the local Bank of Ireland. Within 3 years that mortgage was paid off thanks to major fundraising drives, helped greatly by the late Christy O Connor Jnr who with Donal Morrissey held several golf classics and raised the funds necessary to repay all loans. Since then the Centre is debt free.

Tullow Day Care Centre is part funded by the HSE and DSP but every year fundraising is necessary to cover the day-to-day running of the Centre and its services.

Fundraising activities are on-going in the Centre. Staff and clients run quizzes, raffles, line-draws and novelty bingos. Staff and volunteers willingly give their time to run the annual mini-marathon and also assist with the South Eastern Vintage Machinery Club tea-tent and afternoon dances.

Since 1997 an annual Golf Classic is held in Mount Wolseley to raise funds for the Centre and local businesses and local golfers have always been great supporters of this event.

Two local golfers sell golf balls which have been found on the golf course and donate the proceeds to the Centre. An in-house lotto raises funds which are used to give an annual holiday at a reduced rate and also funds our annual day trip.

The Centre has a partnership with the local Parkville Soccer Club whereby half the proceeds of all their lotto tickets sold in the Centre remain in the Centre. Regular collections made at birthday parties and funerals are generously donated to the Centre.

Donations are gratefully received all year round and can also be made online. The Centre welcomes bequests. The Management and staff greatly appreciate the generosity of the public in supporting all fundraising activities for the Centre.