About Tullow Day Care Centre

Tullow Day Care Centre began in 1982 when a committee was formed to organise a service for the elderly in the community.


The late Sr. Mercedes, Brigidine Convent, Tullow, one of the founder members considered loneliness to be a major problem among the elderly, the retired and those living alone.


She  worked tirelessly to make this Day Care centre a reality. It is now a truly fitting memorial to her for her care and concern for others.


“A community can be judged by the care and concern it shows for the elderly.”   Bishop, Dr, Lennon.

tullow daycare founder


Day Room

Dining Area




Parker Bath

Tullow Day Care Centre Board of Directors / Committee Members

Laz Murphy (Chairman)

Paul Sinnott (Vice Chairman)

Bernie Cunnane (Hon. Secretary)

Mary Murphy (Treasurer)

Alicia Lennon (Assistant Treasurer)

Richard Codd

Padraig Murphy

Mary Shannon